PS: Power and Sample Size Calculation

PS: Power and Sample Size Calculation 3.1

It's a statistical program for performing power and sample size calculations
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The sample size determination is an important statistical study as it determines the number of observations, replicates, or items to be included in a statistical sample (the population to be studied). To be relevant, a sample size must be large enough to be capable of depicting differences between groups. It is mostly used in domains such as biology, biostatistics, medicine, etc.

This tool helps you perform power and sample size calculations. It can be used for studies with dichotomous, continuous, or survival response measures. It’s a handy tool meant for students and professionals with at least minimal statistical knowledge. This doesn’t mean that it’s not easy-to-use, on the contrary, its interface is quite intuitive and straightforward, but some basic experience with statistical terms is still needed in order to be able to operate it properly.

One of the most important advantages of PS: Power and Sample Size Calculation is the fact that it supports six different study designs: survival, t-test, regression 1, regression 2, dichotomous, and Mantel-Haenszel. This application can calculate the sample size required to detect a specified alternative hypothesis with the needed power, the power with which a specific alternative hypothesis can be detected with a given sample size, or the specific alternative hypotheses that can be detected with a given power and sample size.

Furthermore, this tool can generate graphs that make it easier to explore and analyze the relationships between power, sample size and detectable alternative hypotheses.

In conclusion, for anyone in need of such a statistical tool, PS: Power and Sample Size Calculation is an ideal choice. Even if it weren’t, there aren’t exactly many alternatives on the market, but happily it’s a great tool that works flawlessly and doesn’t disappoint in any way.

Margie Smeer
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